Joining in on Talk About Your TBR bc why not! What is one book that you would suspend your entire TBR to read it it was released RIGHT NOW?: The next book in the Roots of Chaos cycle (currently unnamed) Number of Books on my TBR: 1000+ Book on your TBR the Longest: LOTR (ill get to it eventually πŸ˜…) Last Book I Finished on my TBR: The Memory of Babel (Mirror Visitor Series) Next Book on My TBR: A Day of Fallen Night Latest TBR Addition: Babel The Book(s) I'm Most Hyped For on my TBR: A Darker Shade of Magic series Most Popular Genre on my TBR: Fantasy by far Prettiest Cover on my TBR: Spin the Dawn or A Day of Fallen Night

Posted by a1ana_reads at 2023-08-05 05:02:49 UTC