This cover for sure is one of my favorites to be announced recently and it sounds so good 🫢 4β€’9β€’2024 πŸ’• In this magical epic fantasy, a young woman cursed with the power of death must decide if saving her family is worth betraying her country -the first installation of a gripping new series. "With hauntingly poetic prose, Molly X. Chang spins a tale at the intersection of science fiction, fantasy, and the very real devastation that colonialism brings down on colonized peoples."-Xiran Jay Zhao, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Iron Widow Heroes die, cowards live. Daughter of a conquered world, Ruying hates the invaders who descended from the heavens long before she was born and defeated the magic of her people with technologies unlike anything her world had ever seen. Blessed by Death, born with the ability to pull the life right out of mortal bodies, Ruying shouldn't have to fear these foreign invaders, but she does. Especially because she wants to keep herself and her family safe. When Ruying's Gift is discovered by an enemy prince, he offers her an impossible If she becomes his private assassin and eliminates his political rivals-whose deaths he swears would be for the good of both their worlds and would protect her people from further brutalization-her family will never starve or suffer harm again. But to accept this bargain, she must use the powers she has always feared, powers that will shave years off her own existence. Can Ruying trust this prince, whose promises of a better world make her heart ache and whose smiles makes her pulse beat faster? Are the evils of this agreement really in the service of a much greater good? Or will she betray her entire nation by protecting those she loves the most?πŸ’•πŸ’•

Posted by pachecodario95 at 2023-07-29 22:48:19 UTC