Last night decided to touch up the edges on my B&N Exclusive paperback of Under The Whispering Door. I was excited when I saw B&N making this edition but then I was disappointed when I actually got the book and at least mine copy the edges were so faded compared to the photo on the website. So I decided to touch it up! First I tried high flow acrylic paint in my little airbrush, but either the paint was too thick or too old, it was gumming up the air brush. I finished it up with watercolor paint and I sealed it with a fixative. Hopefully the watercolor doesn't come off but since I did watercolor on acrylic I think it might still rub off. Then I'll just touch it up again! SO DONT PUT WATERCOLOR ON ACRYLIC!! First image is my touch up, the second is the original. I also touched up House in the Cerulean Sea for the same reason but I didn't take a photo yet.

Posted by Lacyreadsbooks at 2023-07-27 13:58:59 UTC