"Rapid space-travel, or travel back in time, can't be ruled out, according to our present understanding. They would cause great logical problems, so let's hope there's a Chronology Protection Laws, to prevent going back and killing our parents." -Stephen Hawking Stolen Time worked well for me. The writing style is one that moved easily and read quickly. Stolen Time is told from multiple perspectives and broken timelines of the distant past and a dystopian future. Some of the characters also have 'prememories', which is when they see something that would happen to them in the future while they were time traveling. I felt the characters were easy to read about. Overall, I felt Stolen Time was very well written, and I can see myself continuing The Dark Stars series. ----- Have you read any books with time travel?

Posted by Zoë at 2023-07-26 15:23:01 UTC