The panels have been so great with some interesting side conversations and wonderful panelists! thanks so much @Jordan and Team OwlCrate for all the work putting this Con on!! So as a bit of a continuation from the last panel... 😁 I distinctly remember reading this (Ella Enchanted) for the first time in middle school, I think it had just released the math seems correct here. There was some challenge at our school library to read the Newbery nominated books and I was all in so it went on my list. (There was a certificate and probably pizza for completing the books). I remember a moment where I was reading it math class when we had free time to work on our assignments (πŸ‘Ό) and the other kids were like "Oh the cover looks just like you" πŸ˜… The movie didn't come out until 6-7 years later which I think helped me separate the two and appreciate them both :D But it was a really great read for middle grade me! Same with Tuck Everlasting, I read that in 5th or 6th grade, but the movie came out roughly 6-7 years after I read it, so I view them as two very separate things.

Posted by Kathy (palmkdbooks) at 2023-07-23 19:18:08 UTC