PATIENCE IS POWER "Carelessness toward the weak was a sin for the powerful." -Wesley Chu, The Art of Prophecy The Art of Prophecy is a phenomenally written fantasy with interesting and distinctive characters, rich world building, an easy going yet unpredictable plot, and with a stunning artistic cover. How the Story Read: The Art of Prophecy is told in three acts with an epilogue and multiple perspectives. The writing style was engaging. The world building was intricate, and I really enjoyed seeing the cultures within this fantasy world. The story read slowly because there was so much information to process. I felt the story flowed at a nice, steady pace. I could picture everything in my mind; The story had a cinematic quality. I felt the magic system was a bit on the softer side. Characters: I felt the characters were distinctive. I felt several of the characters had some qualities that were relatable. I enjoyed the character interactions. I felt that there was some great character development with the potential for even more growth in the next installment. There were a few character interactions that I found humorous, which helped balance the more intense scenes. Content Guide: There was some detailed gore, profanity, and violence. Overall Thoughts: Overall, The Art of Prophecy was very well written, and I will be continuing the series with the next installment, The Art of Destiny, when it comes available. I would highly recommend The Art of Prophecy to other fantasy readers, especially those who enjoy fantasy centered around martial arts and a setting around a time of war. Extra Note: I find both the cover and the map stunning. #OCTheNest #WordsAndWhimsy

Posted by Zoë at 2023-07-20 17:16:04 UTC