First and foremost, I finished this book all in one sitting. From midnight till 8 in the morning. I absolutely love this series and this another stunning installment. It was for sure great to see the first book through Casteel’s eyes. This book for sure brought a lot of things into crystal clear clarity. To see him fall in love with Poppy for sure made my heart so happy. It was heartbreaking to relive Rylan & Victor’s fates was just as heart wrenching as it was the first time but it was worth it to see Casteel’s side of the story. And to get bits and pieces of where the story will go in book 6 leaves me aching to have it in my hands. Jennifer knows how to leave your world in shreds and to have you thanking her for it. 5 Stars 😊

Posted by pachecodario95 at 2023-07-18 14:31:48 UTC