Three Mini Reviews ----- Do you look up all the backlist of authors if you enjoyed a book they have written? ----- My favorite book I have read by Rebecca Ross so far is Divine Rivals. I can't wait to read more works by her, and I'm anxiously awaiting the release of Ruthless Vows. ----- 》The Queen's Rising Review: The Queen's Rising was engrossing. I felt very much swept away to the world within. The world building, imagery, and character development were strong. There are hints of magic. Overall, The Queen's Rising was very well written. ----- 》The Queen's Resistance Review: The Queen's Resistance had themes that were dark and intense, revealing more atrocities that have happened under Lannon's rule. I feel this book is on the older side of YA and maybe even NA due to mature topics. There was a section that was heartwarming, countering the intense darkness from previous events in the book. Overall, The Queen's Resistance was very well written. ----- 》Divine Rivals Review: Divine Rivals is a beautifully written story and enjoyable for readers of many genres. Divine Rivals is a perfect blend of historical fiction elements, magic and fantasy, romance, and contemporary. The story is compelling. The characters are interesting, easy to read for, and well-rounded. The story is told through a mixture of alternating perspectives (Iris and Roman), letters, the present timeline, and some memories and dreams. My attention was captivated from beginning to end. The ending could be considered a cliff hangar and also considered open-ended. Overall, Divine Rivals was very well written, and I would highly recommend it to other readers. I will be continuing the series. ----- 》Yet to read: •Sisters of Sword and Song •Dreams Lie Beneath •A River Enchanted •A Fire Endless -----

Posted by Zoë at 2023-07-17 23:21:33 UTC