First and foremost! Welcome to the newcomers to The Nest! 🎉 I haven’t don’t one of these introductions in awhile but I thought, once I saw we passed 9K members😱, I’d do a new one! Hi there! My name is Dario, I live in a small town in Nevada. I’m 29 years old with a crippling addiction to books and I’m not ashamed. Welcome to The Nest, a pretty amazing app filled with so many fellow book lovers. Where we talk about and recommend some of our favorite books. This app has been a force of good in my bookish life since joining on Day 1 and I have met so many amazing book loving friends. You can never have enough of those 😊 Here are some random questions to get to know me more: •Favorite Book Right now? Soooo many to chose from but I would have to say Fourth Wing. You can’t go anywhere in the book world and not know about this book. It is a masterpiece and worth the hype •How many books to I Own? Ooo I actually lost count but I’m sure it’s enough to bury a small village lol •Genre of choice? I’m a fantasy guy through and though. I love good magic filled story with a light sprinkle Romance. •Favorite Author? Cassandra Clare hands down. I own the most book from her. I’m a shadow hunter at heart 💕 What about you? Feel free to introduce yourself and let me know what’s one of your favorite books? 😊 Random note: feel free to follow me on here, Instagram: bookoreo101, BookTok: Pachelda143. I always follow back and look forward to hearing from you 🫶❤️

Posted by pachecodario95 at 2023-07-15 22:02:18 UTC