Hello Nesties and most especially new members and friends. As we have had a number of new folks join us, I'd like to formally welcome everyone to The Nest! The Nest is OwlCrate's community app, a space to be shared and used by everyone for free, not just for subscribers! Around the Nest you will encounter dozens of fun groups to join (check them out by scrolling along the top navigation menu). Our navigation menu (the left hand side on web and the hamburger looking menu on mobile) will show you many many resources and extra things that you can use as a fan of books to enhance your community experience. From Live Events like OwlCrate-A-Con coming up, to Past Author Chats & Livestreams, New Book Releases, Spotify Playlists and much more, The Nest is a chill place to hang out and talk about bookish and non bookish things. I hope you have fun and if you have a thought or a question, check out the Feedback or Group requests thread...or just dm me! Happy Nesting!

Posted by Jordan at 2023-07-11 20:04:54 UTC