June wrap up for me: Favorite of the month was Anger Bang, which is a hilariously fun rom-com romp set around an 80s themed wedding get-away. Least favorite was an arc of The Rachel Incident but this may be because of a generational difference and not necessarily a bad book. The female MC was 20 in 2010 and came off as kind of whiny & selfish…I’m too far removed from 20 to relate I think. It also talked a lot about her best friend being closeted and how hard it was to come out, which is universal I know, but my friends & I came out during the late 80s during the height of the “AIDS crisis” - I just couldn’t relate to anything in this story. It was well written though and might be great for someone else.

Posted by Faerie_reader at 2023-07-01 11:12:06 UTC