Yay it’s that time again! Adventure lies ahead... Welcome to the "Echoes Of Empires" July 2023 edition of the Words & Whimsy (Powered by OwlCrate!) Reading Challenge. Our challenge this month is all about the rise of myths and legends! Our challenge will run from July 1st to 25th so sign up now so you don't miss out! ▪▪▪ To play, please choose a team from below and sign up by filling out the Google Form below! *We balance teams so you may not get the first one you like but you'll have loads of fun we promise! ▪︎ July Teams ▪︎ Empire Era Reign Dynasty ▪▪▪ Sign Up Here : https://tinyurl.com/5ydzpjzx *New players should direct themselves to the pinned post explaining gameplay. Find the pinned post in the Reading Challenge group.

Posted by Anna at 2023-06-30 16:39:17 UTC