"People always ask if my friends are nervous to end up in a book, and the truth is, no one cares because people don't read. (Except you. You are handsome and literate with excellent taste in reading material.)" -- Quietly Hostile by Samantha Irby I loved Quietly Hostile! It was so hilarious. There were points where I not only laughed until I cried, I laughed until I had to take reading breaks because I couldn't hold the book up/still enough to make out the text. Just so you know though, Irby holds nothing back. She discusses medical problems and physical intimacy in pretty excruciating, and hilarious, detail. That said, even if you normally avoid those subjects, you may still want to give this book a try. I am sensitive, anxious, and generally not very comfortable with spicy content. But there is something so funny and, weirdly, relatable about Irby that even I could loosen up enough to enjoy it. If you enjoy humorous memoirs or humor in general, I would highly recommend this book. 🦨 And yes, she dedicated this book to zoloft.

Posted by thewintersings at 2023-06-29 17:18:31 UTC