This book ripped my heart out multiple times, but in the best ways! It was a five star read for me! I love the competition between Iris and Roman, and I think everyone in the office could see right past their witty banter. “Perhaps it begins with one person. Someone you trust. You remove a piece of armor for them; you let the light stream in, even if it makes you wince. Perhaps that is how you learn to be soft yet strong, even in fear and uncertainty. One person, one piece of steel.” This book was heartbreaking, yet romantic, Healing, yet breaking, and really showed the growth of both main characters. “I think you and I are simply better together, Kitt.” I loved that this was not a typical insta love story. This was a relationship built over time, and distance with the help of two magical typewriters connecting two souls who needed each other more than they realized. “Even in the silence, I hope you will find the words you need to share.” Iris was a very relatable character, and I loved how when everything imploded in her life, she didn’t just sit down and let it happen. She stood up and took herself on an adventure that the previous version of herself could have never fathomed. This book ends on a cliff hanger and I AM NOT OKAY! I can not wait for the next book in this series to release! #jayjaypjkwreads #bookreview #owlcrate #divinerivals #owlcratereadalong

Posted by Jayjay_pjkw at 2023-06-27 12:09:13 UTC