"Every life is a story." I breathe, filling my lungs with the dry night air. "And our story will belong to someone else someday. They will tell it, write it down, maybe even name stars after us." -Shea Earnshaw, A Wilderness of Stars A Wilderness of Stars is an alluring, atmospheric, and magical read, featuring a likable and innocent main character, a story that coincides with astronomy and with a beautiful writing style. I did not want to put A Wilderness of Stars down! The writing style is alluring and atmospheric. The story itself was engaging. A Wilderness of Stars felt both magical and apocalyptic. There were some interesting twists and reveals. The settings and scenes were picturesque. The story pacing is smooth and easygoing. I felt that even the side characters were well rounded. I really enjoyed the inclusion of astronomy and its importance to the story. Vega had an innocent quality to her personality that I found endearing and relatable. Towards the latter of A Wilderness of Stars, the story took a direction that was unexpected and also clicked so well when revealed. I felt the ending was hopeful and open-ended. Overall, A Wilderness of Stars was very well written and a new favorite. I would highly recommend A Wilderness of Stars to other readers who enjoy YA Romance, Fantasy, and Science Fiction. I would also recommend this to readers who enjoy astrology. ----- Who is an author that you enjoy all (or most) of their books?

Posted by Zoë at 2023-06-27 11:27:27 UTC