“Best book of the month” ___________________ While the month isn’t over, still reading a few book; I do believe my favourite book will remain the same. I immensely enjoyed reading Spell Bound by FT Lukens and gave it 5⭐️ straight away! Also had a feeling it would be a 5⭐️ read from the start! I urge you to read this amazing book if you haven’t read yet!! ___________________ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ / 5 stars Spell Bound is a story about Rook, whose grandmother was a witch and died last year. wanting to reconnect with the magic he always felt around her, but being non-magical, he goes to Antonia Hex to beg for a job and maybe further develop his illegal Spell Binder while there. “you” I said. “me” they said I have read two other books by F.T Lukens and both were 5 star reads. This book feels like it could in the same league and I was really excited after buying this book last month to dive into it! Let’s just say it was definitely up there with In Deeper Waters and So This Is Ever After and my favourite of F.T Lukens as of now!! The way this book is written is super easy to get lost in the pages and the adventure these characters go on! It isn’t faced-paced, but I still breezed through this book so quickly! The plot was sooo good! I loved the bit of mystery added and the way Rook wanted to belong and the magic he kept encountering. It was addicting to read! I loved the magic system, which was actually super simple but worked so well for the story. It was fun to see the difference between a jinx, hexes and curses! Also, often I was just laughing out loud at what happened and it made the book that much more perfect with the added humour! Rook was just so amazing! I loved his loyalty and never-ending kindness! The hidden layers of sadness and how he dealt with them with humour were so relatable, it was almost scary how real he felt! Sun was just everything as well! They are very introvert and awkward and sarcastic in the best way! I was also the biggest fan of Antonia! The relationship between Rook and Sun developed so believable, I loved seeing them getting to know each other and Sun especially stepping a bit out of their comfort zone to further develop their friendship with Rook and giving it the potential to grow into something more! I was rooting for them from the very first time they met and on! Also, their banter!! I laughed so many times because it was amazing!! “Oh, wow,” Rook said, pushing a hand to his chest. “Wow. You’re laughing. You laugh. You know how to laugh. Did I break you, Sun? Are you broken?” The way Rook wanted to find a place to belong and the found family this story has is just heartwarming and amazingly executed! I loved the message this book has! It is strong and one I believe everyone should learn and read about! Both Rook and Sun don’t fit the “normal” mold they believe they should. They twist themselves and bend over backwards to fit themselves in the squares they believe they should fit and I love the message that that is unnecessary! Everyone is PERFECT THE WAY THEY ARE! Don’t limit yourself or change yourself for what you believe other want you to be. Just your authentic self is more than enough! Overall, Spell Bound is an amazingly, wonderful story with a great and powerful message and everyone should read this book! #thenest #Owlcrate #octhenest #wordsandwhimsy #photochallenge

Posted by lisa.spanu at 2023-06-25 11:51:03 UTC