Welcome to a #favoritenonfiction! This week I give you The Real Lolita by Sarah Weiman. Show of hands for having read Lolita?? Show of hands for people who liked Lolita?? Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov is quite possibly one of the most divisive works if fiction. It's one of the best works of unreliable narratives and it's really beautifully written. Unfortunately it's also a horrible subject matter. This book did an excellent job of recognizing all of that while shining light on the actual real events. Vladimir Nabokov struggled for decades writing this novel and it was the sensational story of Sally Horner that gave him the inspiration to finish the book. Sally Horner was kidnapped and abused by Frank LaSalle who was posing as an FBI agent. Any 11 year old is going to be terrified by this person. She was with him for 21 months, her ending was so tragic. The author did a lovely job of recognizing Sally Horner. While Lolita became infamous, the world forgot Sally. This book brings her story back to life and ensures people remember 'Lolita' was, and is, always a real person.

Posted by Amanda at 2023-06-24 20:39:45 UTC