Another 5 star read from J. Bree!! I seriously loved this book so much! It took me a while to read mainly because *life* but everytime I sat down to read I was sucked right back in!! This whole story had enemies to lovers vibes but never quite made it to the lovers portion, and I am not even mad about it!! Book one is definitely the world and character building for this new series! I absolutely loved Rooke so much! She is literally everything I love to see in an FMC. I loved that even with the amount of power she had she never one tried to abuse it and always thought of the land first. She left everyone she loved behind to follow her destiny knowing it was going to lead her right to her enemies doorstep. Now onto the Prince…I hated him for most of the book 🤣 like not his character necessarily but the things he did. He was too dang stubborn for his own good. I can’t wait to see him begging in book two!!! 🥵 As for the other characters I don’t want to spoil anything but I fell in love with each of the princes family members, and loved that Rooke over time was able to make friendships even when it seemed impossible. 10/10 recommend this book and I am dying for the next one!! #kindleunlimited #jbree #thebookishcrew #jayjaypjkwreads

Posted by Jayjay_pjkw at 2023-06-23 13:21:19 UTC