Remember when I asked everyone if they'd like a low-stakes, no points, unhinged and absolutely silly book game and it was a resounding yes? Well, I had to then make one for you that will bridge our reading challenges, of course! Our very first Book(ish) Battles game will run from June 26th to June 30th. And I have a request over in that group that will kick off our game on the 26th so please head on over. Book(ish) Battles will be a tongue in cheek book game where everyone is for (or against) themselves and each other. Every month, you will all choose 10 books and fandoms to see which one will stand up to hilarious, ridiculous and sometimes (but let's be real, not too often) insightful prompts that will have you arguing for or against books or fandoms in family game night style. Then, a totally objective group of folks (see - our awesome Mods) will vote on your arguments to see which book or fandom advances to earn nothing more than internet bragging points. Now, because we are a passionate community we do have solid rules and guidelines for all round respect. It can be a funny and silly game but no real harm will be done. You in? I know you wanna be.

Posted by Jordan at 2023-06-22 15:39:19 UTC