I have the best kids! My youngest Tommy (8) has wanted to be part of a book group for months. He convinced grandma, his 19-year-old brother Izaak and myself to read the Percy Jackson series with him this summer my mom is a stay at home grandma and watches the boys while I’m at work so she’s finished all 5 books already. Izaak is in the fifth book. Tommy is very slowly reading the third book because I am reading the second book. Tommy doesn’t want to get too far ahead of me so I feel left out and behind. But this is like serious competition to finish the books so that we can go onto the next set of the Olympus books by Riordan! What a way to spend the summer! Tommy has also been attempting to draw characters from the books. I’m still waiting for my Cerberus drawing.

Posted by Paula Gunderson at 2023-06-22 15:38:26 UTC