Currently Reading ----- My edition of Mermaid Moon is not an exclusive edition. This beautiful book is available at most bookstores. ----- What are you currently reading or watching, or playing? ----- I'm currently reading Mermaid Moon by Susann Cokal. I'm on pg. 169 and ch. 39. This novel is inspired by Hans Christian Anderson's Little Mermaid and has the dark tones and themes from the original tale. The tone of the story is quite young. The writing style has a very lyrical feel to it, and I was able to immediately find an agreeable reading rhythm and keep going. There are elemental magic and interesting characters. So far, Mermaid Moon is told through present and past timelines and multiple perspectives. While I do not know what I would rate Mermaid Moon, I do know I am enjoying my reading experience so far in this dark and fascinating inspired tale.

Posted by Zoë at 2023-06-20 19:51:10 UTC