(Attempt number two because my phone didn’t want to post earlier) So, my work has a morale committee that has been hosting a series of holiday-themed events this month. This Friday is the deadline for submissions for our cubicle decorating contest. This post isn’t bookish (other than the fact it kept me from reading on my lunch the last couple of weeks), but I finally finished my cubicle today and I was so excited I had to share! My lead worker went all out with his, so I felt like I had to put up an attempt at competing against him. I was in training at this time last year, so I didn’t have a cubicle and couldn’t decorate. So everything in this picture was either bought or borrowed just in the last couple of weeks as I threw my ideas together. I was originally thinking if “wrapping” the inside too, or at least the little bit that you can see, but I ran out of steam when I realized I’d need to figure out how to wrap it nicely around the front or else you’d see the edge of the wrapping paper. (Plus, I’m short.) So that might have to wait for next year’s plan.

Posted by isewandireadthings at 2022-12-14 02:36:37 UTC