“You’ve been living in a dream for long enough. Welcome to your nightmare!!” For days 6-8 of the words & whimsy photo challenge, the theme is “working on my roar”- basically a book where a character uses their voice. The #1 book to me that fits this theme is Iron Widow. Iron Widow is a feminist retelling of the only female emperor in China’s history. It’s a sci-fi/fantasy YA book that has the only good kind of a love triangle (in my opinion, no hate to people who love a love triangle) where all three of them end up dating. Zetian’s sister died being a concubine-pilot in a society where male pilots almost always kill the girls they fly with by draining their life from them. Zetian decides to become a concubine-pilot for the same man who killed her sister so she can assassinate him. When she ends up killing him the same way he killed her sister, society is shocked and she learns not everything is as they’re taught. They team her up with a pilot who is controversial but is the strongest pilot they have and they learn to work together. This was my favorite book I read in 2022 and I’m so excited for the new book to come out next April! #wordsandwhimsy #owlcrate #thenest

Posted by jessicab at 2023-06-11 19:16:56 UTC