Hello booknerds! I would like to share with you an author collection that I designed as a part of my application for the special projects curator position. I unfortunately did not get selected 😞. My hopes were not that high to think that I actually will get the job, but I was really hoping to at least get an interview. I asked them for a feedback, so I really hope they will answer. I guess that I do not have enough experience, as they say "you need a job to have experience but you need an experience to get a job" I think that many young talented people are victims of this circle and I really hope more companies will become aware of this in the future. I also think that people from Europe have a disadvantage because it is not that common to do internships here compare to the USA, so on the CV it may look like the person did not try enough to find an internship, but the truth is that often they just do not have the possibility. Anyway I worked really hard on this design, so at least I can share it with you here πŸ™‚. What do you think, would you purchase an item from this collection?

Posted by Evelina Cervena at 2023-06-10 20:58:15 UTC