Hi book owls 🦉! What kind of special edition boxes would you like to see from Owlcrate? I would be super happy to have a Shadowhunter chronicles themed box. Either a box for the entire shadowhunters universe with items inspired by multiple series or multiple boxes inspired each by one series, kind of like the Grishaverse boxes  (there will be a ten year anniversary for The mortal instruments next year, just saying  😉). It is a very popular fandom with so much content and so far I did not see many Shadowhunters items in Owlcrate boxes, so I think there is a potential. And for middle grade box I would love to see a box inspired by Fairyland series by Catherynne M. Valente. What fandoms would you like to see in future special edition boxes 🙂?

Posted by Evelina Cervena at 2023-06-05 20:44:56 UTC