✨ May Wrap-Up & June TBR ✨ I wanted to have read so much more books in May, I had the most interesting histories in my hand, but then… life struck, again. My anxiety just grew and I ended up not doing too much, including reading. But about the books that I could finish: they are marvelous! 🤩 I am simply affixed to Berserk history, in love with Athlen and Tal’s love, and happy for Luxe and Jamison and the others! They were few but they made my month a lot better! So, for June, I decided to try things at my own pace and decided not to enter any group, and for now, I just have three books for my TBR, Midnight Strikes I was already reading, Daisy Jones, and Hellsing, a manga. I do not work reading a lot of the same genre one after another, I have to pause and go to a different one, so that's why I put these three different kinds of books. I hope you all have a great month with your readings! :)

Posted by Ely Jennipher at 2023-06-02 04:28:52 UTC