My OC LOTR bowls and some of my rock collection 🙌 (I'm going to need another shelf dedicated to LOTR soon) 😁🙌 Anyway... it's been a week full of surprises and even loss and then today... I had a "surprise" brain MRI... and my debilitating anxiety + claustrophobia + 2nd of 3 MRIs of the year = some sort of worse overwhelming, exasperating type of anxiety 😬 😆 (we laugh so we don't cry!) It's just one of the most awful things/feelings for me (MRI's) 🫣 and it brought on a migraine. Whomp whomp. Also, my heart ablation was pushed back to July (I have moderate-severe WPW) and that made my anxiety about it worse, as I was planning on having it in a couple weeks. Soooo, if you feel like it, tell me some good news, or something funny or relate to me or something, so I can sleep in and wake up late tomorrow to some great news or solidarity or laughs 😂🫣❤️

Posted by RachelsFables at 2023-06-02 01:03:21 UTC