May wrap-up! It was a great month! Little Thieves MY BELOVED and book 2, my most anticipated read of the year, Painted Devils. I LOVE these books and characters with all my heart, CAN YOU TELL? A Venom Dark and Sweet, sequel to A Magic Steeped in Poison. Good story and love how magic and tea are combined. Fourth Wing—you guys the hype is real. It’s a good book!! The Voyage of the Dawn Treader was a fun reread. As a kid it was my favorite Narnia book. Midnight Strikes plays with time in a way I’ve never read before. At first I wasn’t sure about this one, but it’s an OwlCrate book and they’re never wrong. I’m glad I kept reading, it’s a good one. Nick and Charlie, what a lovely novella. Ace Voices does a great job of telling truths through stories, not just information. To My Very Special Daughter was a book from my mom in place of a birthday card this year, which was so sweet.

Posted by Lynn at 2023-05-31 02:11:06 UTC