Guys I did it! I reorganized my bookselves!! They are no longer organized by color (swipe to the third picture to see the before) I miss the rainbow already, but I do like that I can find series now. I found several authors that I had more then a couple of their books without realizing!! I dont really have a system... mostly authors and series are together then the rest are vibes. It's still chaos but organized chaos. 🙃 Now, I have a large stack of books I'll be unhauling and stack of books I want to read and then probably unhaul. Then I have to read more books from my shelves to determine if they stay or go. I have several Pre-orders that will be coming in the rest of the year and I have no more room to put them!! Honestly, I could use another bookshelf but I also don't have room for another bookshelf!!

Posted by Lacyreadsbooks at 2023-05-29 03:19:09 UTC