Hi Y’al, I have something to ask. I work at an Indie Bookstore, and I’ve had Fourth Wing on hold (the first edition with the sprayed edges). I am on a book ban so I was waiting to buy it. I suggested canceling it out of the system until I could buy it so no one would think we had it in stock (my reserved copy was the only one left). My manager said not to worry and that he would remember and wouldn’t sell it. I was planning on buying it tomorrow. Yesterday I got a text from my manager asking if it was ok to sell my book. I said no, because that was the last first edition we had and would ever get, and everyone else is sold out. He read the text, and said ok. He then sold it anyway. I’m super bummed and have been trying legitimately every bookstore in my area (checked 15+) and everyone is out. Does anyone have an extra copy they would be willing to sell to me? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you! Update: I got one! I found one of the only copies left in the entire world it seems. Thank you Keplers Books

Posted by adwight256 at 2023-05-27 04:24:07 UTC