DAZED AND CONFUSED ----- What is a classic or hyped book that you read and didn't enjoy as much as you would have liked to? ----- I have to be honest, I don't like the story of Fahrenheit 451. I am glad I read this classic, though. Fahrenheit 451 reflects a world of the consequences of censorship of the human society and mentality as well as a world where war is raging and there are no consequences for the maiming of another human being. It is encouraged to zone out, mainly by screens, and the people are given no freedoms forĀ philosophical, scholarly, or theoretical thinking or establishing real substancial relationships. Anyone who questions 'why' or is found with books is put into asylums or killed by various methods. Fahrenheit 451 is the story of a man trying to break free from a toxic social norm and discovering the freedom of choice, voice, and reason. The author had very lyrical, poetic writing and very nonsensical writing to reflect the mood of the main character, Montag. There are intense matters discussed within the novel, including but not limited to censorship (obviously), suicide and murder. Overall, Fahrenheit 451 is very well written and has some compelling and haunting aspects. ----- I don't know if Fahrenheit 451 fits the prompt. I had a really hard time finding a book that would. I feel like it fits the prompt in a way, though, soooooo that is what I did. šŸ¤—

Posted by Zoƫ at 2023-05-18 13:20:04 UTC