I just have to give a shout out to OwlCrate for their spectacular quality. I just got my May box and holy smokes. The book. It’s beautiful. 🤩 It has a very satisfying heft to it and upon opening - NO dreaded cracking to the spine and the pages flip smoothly and freely. 😍 Feels like a dream while in the hands. Fancy edges and foil details are always awesome, but for me that’s all just frills - it’s the binding and pages and workmanship that really matter! It makes my heart so happy. 💖 I hope you never change your attention to the quality of your books, OwlCrate! I’m always thrilled to add them to my bookshelves. Bravo. 🥰

Posted by ChaoticRadiance at 2023-05-17 18:54:00 UTC