What do you do for self-care? What comforts you? After the bustling days I've had lately, due to the winding down of the school year, comfort comes to mind. My favorite thing to do to wind down is read... add a bath or cup of tea ' and l'm even happier. 💛comfort movies: Lord of the Rings... I've watched them so many times. Got me through my Bachelor's degree 💛comfort music: Definitely not what most people would find comfort in, but bring on the hard rock... add screaming/growling and I'm even more in the zone 💛comfort books: The Night Circus and quite frankly, YA contemporary... they're just so much fun and a good way to wind down. 💛comfort tv shows: have watched no recent tv, but I have watched Alias, Chuck, and Scrubs lots and lots... they are still my go to! 💛comfort food: Kraft Dinner... I'll even add hotdogs to the mix if I need extra comfort 😆

Posted by Crystalcollectsbooks at 2023-05-17 02:12:45 UTC