QOTD and Series Review ----- What was a book that was a cover buy for you? ----- Spin the Dawn gave me exactly what I was looking for, and it held my attention well. The world building is fantastic, and I like how well the magical elements are woven into the events that are unfolding. I found the characters interesting and, for the most part, well rounded. I feel if you are well read, you can allude to some events very easily. Spin the Dawn is about a young woman, Maia, who pretends to be a boy, in place for her father and brother, for a chance to bring wealth back into her family. Maia has to pretend to be a boy, because she cannot go as her self, because women within this world, A'Landi, are not allowed to become 'masters' at any perspective trades. Spin The Dawn was a great blend of drama, family, rich culture, hints of political intrigue, a couple of villains, gods, of course romance, magic, and even some ghosts and demons. There is the aftermaths of war, but nothing particularly gruesome, bloody, or intense. ----- Unravel the Dusk it a great continuation of this imaginative story that started in Spin the Dawn. We see Maia struggle while she becomes something new, something dangerous. We sit with her emotions as her Demon self, Sentur'na, battles for the complete possession of Maia's heart. We meet new characters and are greeted by characters previously known. Some characters are well-rounded and complex, while others are stereotypical, not very deep, but needed to have a well-rounded story. We see Maia's and Ammi's relationship blossom into an even deeper friendship; I liked the author to put that into the book. There is still romance, and it does not take away from the story. We have war, magic, hints of political intrigue, ghosts, and demons. Lady Sarnai's and Maia's relationship is complex. I felt the ending was sufficient and provided decent closure for the characters within Unravel The Dusk.

Posted by Zoë at 2023-05-08 14:34:29 UTC