🎥Hello booklovers! So I was decluttring my files from university and I found a speech about booktube that I had for my English conversation class, so I thought that this you may enjoy it 🙂 Booktube is a subgenre of Youtube, which focuses on books, mainly young adult ones. Young adult books are books for people between 15 and 20 years old, but according to one statistic, about 60 percent of young adult book readers are older. I would also like to add that from my personal experience these books are also great for learning English, because the vocabulary used in them is usually easier to understand. I have read quiet a lot young adult books in English and it helped me so much The most popular type of videos are reviews, that usually have two sections - one with and one without spoilers, so it can enjoy both people who do not read the book yet as well as those who did. Other types of videos can be for example bookshelf tours, wrap-ups where booktubers briefly sum up books that they have read in a certain period of time or funny sketches like for example Things that all readers do or How to avoid spoilers. I think that it is very wholesome community, that encourages more young people to read. What I also like is that booktubers rarely do sponsored videos (Once in a while they receive a book to review from the publisher, but they are not afraid to give their honest opinions.) Another great thing about this community is that on booktube, people are really nice to each other and there is practically no hatred. On the other hand, one of main criticism within this community is the one of consumerism, because there are people who do a haul where they buy like 40 books and then they do not read half of them. But at the same time there are many people who encourage their viewers to borrow more books from the libraries, donate books that they have finished to those who cannot afford them or buy books from independent bookstores and therefore support small businesses. Some people can argue that booktubers only talk about young adult books and does not really discuss classics, but on the other hand, people who starts with reading young adult books are, in fact more likely to read and enjoy classics when they are older.  There is also a documentary about this topic made by one of the booktubers Ariel Bisset it is called Is booktube educational? And here she says that booktube sort of teaches young people one thing that school maybe does not teach them and that is to love reading and to be excited about books. And I think that this is the most important thing, because is a great hobby that can increase our empathy, is good for our imagination and bring us joy. 🎥    

Posted by Evelina Cervena at 2023-05-03 22:35:06 UTC