My preorder of The Sun and the Star will likely be canceled. There was a 'problem processing my card' even though the other books on the order processed fine. I think they fidnt have enough books to fill orders.... So I picked up a copy as B&N was on my way tonight!! And I may have gotten Percy Jackson and the Olympians series in the new covers, I'm adding them to the collection!! I can't wait to read The Sun and The Star. I love Nico and Will! But I might wait until this weekend!! I have a couple projects want to mostly finish up before the weekend! Then maybe I can just read! Side note!! I thought I was going to get stuck on the second floor at my B&N. The down escalator was taken apart being repaired or something! I was like if I get stuck up there oh well!! I need the book! I didn't remember there's an elevator. πŸ™ƒ I don't recall ever actually using the elevator! Anyway, I made it off the second floor! And I got the books! πŸ˜†

Posted by Lacyreadsbooks at 2023-05-03 05:32:22 UTC