Okay, let’s talk representation, specifically demisexual representation in Lakesedge by Lyndall Clipstone. POSSIBLE SPOILERS FOR BOTH LAKESEDGE AND FORESTFALL IN COMMENTS ⚠️ I’ve read in a few different places that Violeta is demisexual, but I’m wondering what you all think, especially if you’ve read Forestfall too. I tried messaging the author, but sadly she didn’t respond. I absolutely loved Lakesedge, and I can see how Violeta could be demisexual. However, if you’ve read Forestfall, that theory kind of falls apart in my opinion. So, I want to know what others think, especially if you’re demisexual yourself. Did we read too much into Violeta’s sexuality in book 1? Am I possibly misinterpreting demisexuality, and book 2 really doesn’t conflict with her being demi (if so, I’m coming from a place of wanting to learn more, so please be kind.)? I would love to hear what you all think!

Posted by The Biased Bibliophile at 2023-05-01 01:34:51 UTC