➰Hello nest! Is there a book/series that you thought you will not enjoy and then end up loving🙂? I actually have a couple of those and one of them is in fact one of my favorite series of all time:The infernal devices by Cassandra Clare. Before picking up TID it seemed to me that the whole shadowhunter chronicles universe is too complicated and large (there are so many series and some of the books are really thick) for me to enjoy, but then I found out that TID is ispired by steampuk, which is a style that I like, but what convinced me the most was the humor (I found a couple of quotes on Goodreads that was very funny), so I decided to picked it up and I was a great decision. I loved not only the humor but also the characters, the plot, the setting... I also love The last hours, the series that follows chronologically. What fascinates me the most is how incredibly connected are the shadowhunter chronicles, I have never read anything like that before. I love that you can read one series without reading the others (I've read only two so far) and the story still makes perfect sense to you and if you read the other series you can appreciate all the easter eggs and connections. What book pleasantly surprised and what made you picked it up? ➰.

Posted by Evelina Cervena at 2023-04-29 20:21:43 UTC