Hey everyone, we are aware that a large bookish Discord was abruptly closed very recently, and we know that must invoke some feelings and fears of this space. While myself and the other mods will not be commenting on the specifics nor allowing gossip about any fellow communities, we see this, and we want to reassure you that this won’t happen in The Nest. When OwlCrate first decided to build the Nest, their goal was to be a community by readers, for readers. What we have seen since is the OwlCrate Leadership team to continue to give more and more freedom to us without asking for approvals or oversight. They allow us to say we don’t like things and always communicate that they appreciate our feedback when we share it openly. We asked them jusr this morning, and they have replied that they are committed to providing this space without cost - for the bookish community - not just for OwlCrate subscribers - and I think we’ve all seen that so far. So, let's connect with our friends from the Discord that was affected and connect and invite them here? I’m sure we could even ask for them to have their own groups if they want it. But - If you know people over there feeling lost this morning - Send them a link to connect with us here. OwlCrate and Jordan will give them space and I know they'll not let us down.

Posted by Leah Rose Reads at 2023-04-28 17:30:18 UTC