📦Hello booknerds, I have a couple of ideas for items that could be included in future Owlcrate boxes, so I thought that I would share them here in the Nest 🦉. One of the items that I would love to see in an Owlcrate box are postcards to color in. They could be done by various illustrators and featured locations from books like for example Idris, Ketterdam or Velaris. I love how it would bring a book to life, it would almost like if a character from a book sends you a postcard. I also like how it would be a combination of useful (you color in the postcard) and decorative item (you can frame it as an art print). Or you can also send it for example to your friend who is a fan of that book. What do you think? Would you like to receive an item like this one in an Owlcrate box🙂?

Posted by Evelina Cervena at 2023-04-27 21:24:46 UTC