Do you have a favorite Shakespeare play? ~~~~ It feels like a *really nerdy thing to say* but not only do I have a favorite Shakespeare play, it’s one of the historical ones 😅 All through high school my mom tried to get me into the comedies (I was homeschooled) because they’re the most approachable, and I did like some of them but I was never fully taken in by a Shakespeare play until I read Julius Caesar. I can’t even really tell you what it is about it, but I’ve recently stocked up on other historical Shakespeare plays to see if they have the same appeal! ~~~~ I have an entirely NEW appreciation for Caesar now that I’ve read If We Were Villains of course - and I won’t lie, that’s actually the main thing that inspired me to pick up Shakespeare again 😂 Anyone else picking up Shakespeare outside of school? I don’t feel like there’s many of us 😂

Posted by rejectedpoetry at 2023-04-26 02:14:00 UTC