"THE MEMBERS OF THE GWELF COUNCIL FOR Tourism and Trade proudly present the first guide to Gwelf ever formally published and distributed to the Southlands. We have taken it upon ourselves to create what we call a "Survival Guide" in the hopes that it will encourage both tourists and adventurers to come experience and explore our wondrous realm and learn what we have known for years: that Gwelf is an awe-inspiring land steeped in magic and beauty. Survival is, of course, the critical term. The Region of Gwelf is little known in the Southlands, and what is known is tainted by rumour and half-truth. Often described as haunted and perilous, we want to assure tourist and adventurer alike that the Sparrows and other citizens of the territory have worked hard to create a haven of the riverbank and capital City of Gwelf. It is a place thrumming with activity and rich in culture, a ready location for vacation or launching point for voyage." -- Gwelf: the Survival Guide by Larry MacDougall If you're an animal fantasy fan who adores beautiful illustrations and world building, I would highly recommend Gwelf: the Survival Guide by Larry MacDougall. This book is a guide published by the Gwelf Council of Tourism and Trade to educate potential tourists. 😉 It includes introductions to the different animal species that inhabit Gwelf, places to stay, and shops to visit. Just a quick note, there is a bookshop in Gwelf's largest city for all of us readers. 🤩 But this guide actually covers the entire country of Gwelf, right out to the borders. Beyond which live the Ravenkind, who are very dangerous. This book is full of magic, imagination, coziness, adventure, and a good bit of spookiness. Please note that this book is technically aimed at adults, and while nothing super graphic occurs, it may be too scary for children. But for me, that just makes it all the more fun! 👻 I think this book has a really good balance that way.

Posted by thewintersings at 2023-04-25 22:45:31 UTC