“Best book of the month” ____________________ I’ve read a lot of good books this month and it isn’t even over yet!! As of right now, I’ve read a few 5⭐️ reads and one of those is the best I’ve read yet this month! We’ll have to see if that will change in the last few days but I don’t think so hahaha My favourite book is A Multitude of Dreams by Mara Rutherford!! It is an amazing gothic, dark, Poe retelling with a super rich atmosphere. Be sure to check it out and add to your TBR’s!! It’ll come out on the 26th of September later this year 😊😊 #thenest #owlcrate #octhenest #wordsandwhimsy #photochallenge #mararutherford

Posted by lisa.spanu at 2023-04-25 20:09:44 UTC