It took me until adulthood to be diagnosed with autism and ADHD. I also live with general anxeity disorder and panic disorder. I started treatment for my ADHD recently. It's been a life changer, honestly. Instead of making 10 lists of To-Do items (because I wasn't using the right order or my writing was too sloopy) and then wandering around the house looking at my To-Do items because I couldn't decide where to start and was overwhelmed so then I just sit down and ignore all my half finished projects and chores - I'm actually getting stuff done! And my mood is better, my anxeity is better (because apparently ADHD can fuel anxiety). I feel so seen and validated. It sucks it took me until I was 34. So for anyone who is also dealing with things either diagnosed or not, I'm here for you. You're totally normal, because neurodiversity is normal ❤️ Advocate for yourself, I'll cheer you on!

Posted by SalmonDean at 2023-04-25 14:14:17 UTC