“Party like you’re going extinct” _________________________ The second to last prompt for the #photochallenge for April!! A book that has confetti, glitter or something shiny. Now, I’ve got some books that have very shiny cover (I just love those), but I feel like that would be to predictable for this prompt. Instead I chose a book which title says it all! There are two books I could’ve chosen, Shine by Jessica Jung or the book below! Enchantée by Gita Trelease, a book I still have to read whoops. It has two titles, this one and All That Glitters, and because the second one I chose this book for this prompt ✨ Fun fact: I’m currently listening to confetti by Little Mix while writing this post 😂 #thenest #owlcrate #octhenest #wordsandwhimsy

Posted by lisa.spanu at 2023-04-23 17:26:55 UTC