Did you miss our live chat with NYT Bestselling authors Laini Taylor and Megan Whalen Turner? Have no fear! It's available here to watch and re-watch again...and again...and again! And if you caught the live - tell us what you loved about it in the comments. If you have more questions for Laini or Megan this is your thread. I'll try to get as many text answers as I can. And I'm hoping to book Megan and Laini for other fun lives! If you came from the Geninsula (IYKYK) THANK YOU! If you're a fan of Megan Whalen Turners and want to hang out in the most friendliest of spaces, check out Megan's fan Discord here : https://discord.gg/6355fKnX And the fan community on Live Journal here : https://sounis.livejournal.com/ AND Laini has a Patreon you can check out here : https://www.patreon.com/lainitaylor Thanks for hanging with us!Thanks for hanging with us!

Posted by Jordan at 2023-04-22 01:52:35 UTC