“We totally dig it” _____________ Another day and another prompt for the #photochallenge 👏🏼 Today I’ll be sharing a popular book series. Now, I can honestly put so many series down for this prompt. I believe most of my bookshelf started out with popular book series hahaha, but I’ve tried to not go all to obvious. The book series I’ll be sharing is The Prison Healer series by Lynette Noni! Seriously, I loved reading these books! I’ve read them all last year shortly after each other and it was soooo good! It definitely bumped the series up a few places on my all time favourite list haha #thenest #octhenest #owlcrate #wordsandwhimsy #lynettenoni #theprisonhealer

Posted by lisa.spanu at 2023-04-14 15:15:22 UTC