Hello blogger friends - I've updated this with additional meeting times! ..................... Last week Syl (OwlCrate's GM) posted about our fun blogging initiative here at OwlCrate. We want to give everyone a voice, and we want to uplift diverse voices and perspectives. To do this, we will be collaborating with writers and ensuring that we link back to your spaces and work. I'd like to set up a regular pitch day where you meet with myself and OwlCrate folks to talk about blogging, your ideas, interests and things you find fascinating to read about. These will go up with notice around mid month, every month. They could be virtual or even a Google form - let us know what works for you! Folks who wish to be contributors will be able to pitch ideas to myself, and mods Tara and Ashley as well as other OwlCrate team members. The first of these will be at 12:00PM EST, 9:00AM PST and 7:00PM EST, 4:00PM PST on April 19th (please choose one meeting time!) to discuss potential blogs for May. If you'd like to come hang out, have a tea or coffee and talk about blogs, please let me know so that I can get you invited. And if you have ideas for a blog feature or post - please pop them below and let's remember to keep it fair and respect everyone's creative ideas and ownership! Additionally, we will have a Google form submission to send your ideas our way !

Posted by Jordan at 2023-04-13 18:55:36 UTC