Hello and welcome to all our new members of The Nest! We added a number of awesome new friends to our bookish nest over the weekend and I wanted to give everyone a proper welcome as well as a mini tutorial on how to navigate our community. Firstly, hello I'm Jordan from Team OwlCrate! Community coordinator, lover of books and causer of shenanigans. I'm your admin of The Nest! In addition to myself you'll see a number of Nest moderators (tagged with "moderator") around the community. They're amazing folks who can assist with any questions you may have and help run many of our features! The Nest works a bit like Facebook, Instagram and Reddit all rolled into one. At the top of your app on both web and mobile you'll see a long list of groups you can slide along - many are public, some are private and you are welcome to join and hang out in them. (just take note that some groups are more adult oriented - or for private use for games, etc.!) Under the "hamburger" menu (the 3 dashes on your mobile app) or in your left navigational panel on web, you'll see a number of items from Nest Events to Past Lives, Social Media Templates, The Nest's app rules, and MANY more. These resources are FREE for all members of the Nest, no matter who you are - to use and take advantage of. From us, to you! You can also choose to follow, message and friend any member of the Nest and you have a personal profile that you can fill in with as little or as much information as you'd like! Want to change your profile photo? You just have to click on it to edit on your profile. You'll also find groups for games and read-a-longs. Next month we will host a reader-chosen readalong as well as a fun filled space-race weekend reading marathon on the 13th/14th of May in honor of our live chat with Christopher Paolini about his novella release, Fractal Noise! Want an even greater challenge? You can also sign up to play the best reading game online every month! Just head on over to the Words & Whimsy (Powered By OwlCrate) Reading Challenge group. Every month readers are placed into groups and battle it out to fun theme criteria to see who can read the most books and earn the most points in the most fun reading game online.

Posted by Jordan at 2023-04-18 16:51:20 UTC