What is your idea of a relaxing evening that doesn't include reading? ----- This reel is part of a new minimalistic series, featuring the first line in my favorite reads. ----- Review: The writing itself was great and, at times, very visually descriptive. I liked the characterization, the plot, the world building, and the two main perspectives the story is told from, Adrian and Nova. There are some pretty intense elements within this story, particularly Nova's traumatic introduction scene. To me, the underlying theme felt very vigilant, but it worked, and I do believe that is the point. (On a side note, when I was telling my husband about the book, his only response was, "So, Batman.") I was floored by the dramatic ending!! Overall, Renegades was very well written, philosophical, and thought-provoking. I did complete this trilogy, and it is one of my favorites.

Posted by Zoë at 2023-04-12 12:42:05 UTC